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Letter from N.D. Pendleton to Rev. Hugo Odhner, 1922-09-08

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Typed letter from N.D. Pendleton to Rev. Hugo Odhner in Durban, Natal, South Africa. Pendleton read Odhner’s letter of June 23rd aloud at a special meeting of the Consistory. General approval was expressed over the way Odhner handled the “Braby-Forfar situation.” Pendleton cautions Odhner against taking sides, even if it becomes evident that one party is in the wrong. He writes, “The true priestly attitude is not one of withdrawal from the wrong doer, save in extreme cases. Keep the door open. The Church is for the sinner who repents.” In Bryn Athyn, they are very interested in the progress of evangelization efforts among the “natives” in South Africa; Pendleton writes, “Certainly it becomes clearer that the New Church can only be permanently established in a gentile or uninformed state (including children).” Pendleton discusses construction details for the planned church building in Durban. From the standpoint of correspondences, he believes the building should be made from either wood or stone and that the chancel should be oriented to the East. Pendleton hopes Odhner will continue adjusting to the climate in South Africa, and he recommends playing tennis as a remedy in that regard. Pendleton advises that the New Church school in Durban open as a private institution. He suggests Miss Champion as a teacher but warns that she is “afflicted with extreme moods.” Names mentioned: Mr. Waelchli, Mr. Synnestvedt, Mr. (Alfred Cyril) Braby, Forfar family, Mr. (Fred) Gyllenhaal, Miss (Elsie M.) Champion


  • 1922-09-08


From the Collection: 368.00 Linear Feet

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