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Letter from N.D. Pendleton's secretary to Rev. Karl R. Alden Edit


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  • 1922-12-20 (Creation)



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    Typed letter from N.D. Pendleton's secretary, Freda Pendleton, to Rev. Karl R. Alden in Toronto, Canada. Hubert Hyatt has asked F. Pendleton to look up Stanley Anderson in the Church records. There is no record of Anderson joining the Church. It is possible that either Mr. Odhner lost Anderson's application, or that Anderson believes he became a member by being confirmed. F. Pendleton thinks that young people need to be better educated about the process of joining the Church; Some even believe they become members through baptism alone. F. Pendleton had often wondered why Anderson never joined, and she is glad he is coming back happily married. Anderson will of course be accepted, but he must fill out the official application forms. F. Pendleton wonders if Hyatt ever asked Alden about Mr. Percy Barber. F. Pendleton hears Barber has been contributing, but he is not a General Church member. F. Pendleton requests that Alden send the new address of the Theodore Rothermels. F. Pendleton sends her best Christmas wishes to Alden and Ersa (Alden). F. Pendleton also asks if Miss Bowers/Mrs. Stanley Anderson is a grandaughter of Rev. J. E., and what their address is.