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Letter from N.D. Pendleton to Rev. Karl R. Alden Edit


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  • 1922-09-05 (Creation)



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    Typed letter from N.D. Pendleton to Rev. Karl R. Alden in Toronto, Canada. General Church letterhead. Copy attached. Pendleton acknowledged Alden's letters of Aug. 28th and Sept. 1st. In Bryn Athyn, summer is ending and they are getting ready for the school to open. Pendleton sends his best wishes for the prosperity of the school which is reopening in the Toronto society after being closed for several years. Pendleton goes on to stress the importance of schools in establishing and maintaining the Church: "I can not see any other means of evangelization as in any degree comparable with this in producing permanent results." If a society neglects the education of its children, it indicates "either a lack of perception of the real status of the modern mind or a failure to grasp the extent to which that mind forces itself upon the uninformed brains of children by the subtle implications of agnostic science involved in the education of the day." Some think religious education within the home is enough, but Pendleton believes they need both the home and school. He writes, "The home, the school, and the Church, all combined are hardly more than adequate to stem the tide of critical agnosticism which is undermining all faith and destroying every belief." Pendleton congratulates the Toronto society for opening their school, and says that they must all look to the Lord's providence with faith that He will provide for the Church's needs.