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Amateur Fire Brigade: A Fable of the New Deal Edit


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    In preparation for the 1936 election campaign, the conservative political organization "Sentinels of the Republic" began a Constitution-based campaign designed to undermine the government's New Deal policies and, possibly, prevent the re-election of President Franklin D. Rooseveldt. Animated cartoons, new to the political arena, were produced to call attention to government spending, taxes, the national debt and New Deal legislation. One of these cartoons, "The Amateur Fire Brigade: A Fable of the New Deal," gained infamy when banned by Ohio censors as being disrespectful of the Office of the President. Raymond Pitcairn, then national chairman of the Sentinels, introduces this cartoon as a "non-partisan" and humorous examination of the New Deal policies. The cartoon was written by Don Rose and produced by Ted Eshbaugh Studios for the Sentinels of the Republic in 1935. The Sentinels folded after 1940 and Ted Eshbaugh Studios after 1950.

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