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  • Scope and Contents

    [b][u]Three Boxes:[/u][/b]

    [b][u]Box One:[/u][/b]

    “Vaccination” – Address by John Pitcairn at Harrisburg, 1907

    “The Fallacy of Vaccination” by John Pitcairn in Ladies Home Journal, 1910

    “The Pennsylvania State Vaccination Committee Report” by John Pitcairn, 1913

    Other publications in which Pitcairn is quoted on anti-vaccination, 1906-1912

    Anti-vaccination material used by John Pitcairn as reference data, 1894-1916

    Articles on Vaccination in French, 1863-1881

    History of John Pitcairn’s involvement in the Anti-vaccination campaign, 1870-1916

    Letters on vaccination written by John Pitcairn, 1906-1916

    Letters on anti-vaccination to John Pitcairn from associates and church members, 1906-1916

    “Vaccination” by Rev. J.F. Potts, 1882

    Anti-vaccination forms and applications

    Anti-vaccination propaganda and clippings

    Photograph – John Pitcairn, President of the Anti-Vaccination League of America

    Testimony of Annie Mary Hachborn

    [b][u]Box Two:[/u][/b]

    The Vaccination Inquirer and Health Review (multiple copies)

    “The Pennsylvania State Vaccination Committee Report” 1913

    Pennsylvania Legislature Session of 1913: Vaccination Bills

    Pennsylvania Legislature Session of 1913: Bills Endorsed by the Anti-Vaccination League of Pennsylvania

    Information for the People of Pennsylvania with regard to the Influence of Vaccination on Smallpox

    [b][u]Box Three:[/u][/b]

    “Both Sides of the Vaccination Question” by John Pitcairn and J. Schamberg, 1911